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Welcome To The Future Of Shared Living Furniture!

A Note From The Co-Founder

We started InterSpaceLiving to revolutionize the way co-living and student housing owners, developers, and management companies purchase interior finishes.

Students and young professionals should no longer settle for unimaginative decor and standard furniture. America’s future, scientists, doctors, business professionals, athletes, and national leaders deserve a more contemporary/stimulating environment that promotes study, recreation, and a dynamic social scene.

Our mission is to become the most admired vendor/partner in the co-living & student housing industry.  We are a growing industry-leading company, known not only for our beautifully innovative products but also for the variety of services we offer unmatched from anyone in the furniture industry, from initial design to final delivery. Through collaborative processes, a dedicated quality control team overseas, supply chain redundancy, turnkey customs management, and technology delivery systems, we offer a seamless experience for our partners.

Our headquarters is in New York City, we serve a diverse customer base, including management companies, purchasing groups, developers, general contractors, designers, and individual owner-operators within the co-living and off-campus student housing sectors. We provide our customers with upscale, innovative, yet brilliantly functional finishes creating the best living environment for students and young professionals—a space that truly reflects who they are and where they’re going in life.  

If you are building or renovating a project, I invite you to experience the exhilarating difference in partnering with InterSpaceLiving.   

Abe A. Ash, Co-founder 

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